At Hubsolute we believe success always comes when preparation meets opportunities and our aim is to build strategies to pursue the both of them for your Hotel.


A Detailed assessment of the current situation to identify strengths and opportunities as well as the implementation of best practices strategies will speed up the process of your company in getting ready for seizing new opportunities and increasing business. 


At Hubsolute we believe that if knowledge is the key, knowing the right people is also as important to guide efforts to the key decision makers and top influencers in each target market. Our extensive network will allow you to reach the key people in OTA, Wholesalers, B2B and B2C companies in each market to maximize your return in terms of cost and time effectiveness.


Market Research

- Competitor research and appraisal in regards to the target market/s

- Global situation assessment

- Identification and evaluation of existing segments within the target market/s

- Demographics and Economic situation


Analysis of current situation

- Analyze the perception of your Hotel in regards to the selected target markets

- Rate analysis

- Positioning of your Hotel in regards to the competitors

- Identifying the current and desired level of success for your Hotel

- Definition of goals

- Identification of current target markets and segments


Definition of Strategies and New Business Opportunities

- Identify clients and companies that represent the best fist for your Hotel offer

- Identify key aspects of your Hotel offer that can be amended or improved to better suit the target market/s to enhance     competitiveness

- Identify new segments within existing markets as well as new international markets

- Co-operation and partnership opportunities with Tourism Boards, Travel associations and other businesses to ncrease

- Return on Investment and maximize the impact on the targeted audience

- Training sessions for staff within travel companies to make sure the entire work force is fully aware of your Hotel            andable to offer to the right audience

- Sales calls for one to one sessions with key clients

- Identify key Trade Shows to present your Hotel 

- Road show to visit key clients and influencers

- Creation of tailor made promotions to boost your Hotel sales with selected tour operators 

- Define short and long term strategy to build relations with clients able to shift trends towards your offer

- Positioning of your Hotel in prime position within the clients website/brochure and listing


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