If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.

Our Concept

Hubsolute is an international consulting agency for travel and tourism businesses with offices located in Switzerland, Italy and the USA.


Hubsolute is the place where connections are created and facilitated by the expertize and support of our team. It is a Hub for travel and tourism businesses willing to develop relations between the US and European market places.


We like to define ourselves as Relationship Brokers and our actions are focused on building connections between companies that can develop into business opportunities.


At Hubsolute we are also careful in keeping a high profile of the experiences offered by the portfolio of our partners. We believe that all companies we represent need to provide unforgettable travel experiences far from the standard concept of vacation, to the extent that ultimately, they need to offer an upgrade from the clients’ everyday lives.


Hotels, Restaurants, Receptive Operators, Shopping experiences, museums, attractions are all vital components of the travel experience and each play an important role in the satisfaction of the clients towards the time and money invested in their travel.


Our clients trust our taste and the fact that a new company is being added to the portfolio is synonym of a unmissable experience and Therefore a potential partner to start building a relationship with.


Independently owned companies represent the ideal match for our concept since each and one of them offers a unique and irreplaceable experience.


Finally we also believe that we are as strong and reputable as the portfolio of companies we represent. Our paramount commitment is in working with companies that are in line with our lifestyle concept and can be meaningful to discerned clients travelling to any given destination.


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