If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.

What We Do

Our ultimate goal is simple: we want YOU to grow your business. We want you to expand your capacity for success. 


Our experts will be able to plan and prepare for your success starting with the followings:


Hubsolute Marketing & PR activities start from data analysis since numbers are able to define the current situation and the existing trends in the designated markets. Data will highlight your performances and those of your competitors. Figures will guide our team in the definition of the strategies and in the implementation plan to direct efforts and resources where they will encounter the highest chances to turn into business.


Marketing also needs to boost awareness of your company within the right audience, at the most appropriate time and by utilizing the correct tools. Plans can be directed both to the B2B and B2C segments while creating the urge in the potential clients to experience your services. 


Marketing Consulting activities will include:

- Digital Marketing;

- Mailing;

- DEM (Direct Email Marketing);

- Organisation of seminars, workshops, trade fairs and exhibitions

- Market Assessment and segmentation;

- Brand Assessment and positioning within the target markets;

- B2B communications

- Online and offline training, marketing and CRM for travel agents;

- Promotion and incentive programme design;

- Market research


Hubsolute Sales supports your team by identifying the correct audience for each target market and carrying out a complete market evaluation including competitor and opportunity assessment. 

Auditing your current situation will set the basis to define the correct strategy to improve your current offer and make it the ideal solution for your target markets. 

The team will also support you in identifying which commercial agreements are most appropriate for each market by taking into consideration the ongoing practices and those of your competitors to be on top of the game.

At Hubsolute we believe in creating promotions that represent unique opportunities also for your potential clients convincing them that working with you is the right decision to take right here and right now.

Sales will also support defining strategies relating to pricing and offers to take into account the market key aspects and maximize revenue based on seasonality and clients’ purchasing patterns.

We also believe a correct mix of distribution channel is essential in planning for long term success where developing new and international market is vital to be ahead of a highly dynamic global market.

Main distribution channels will need to be audited individually and assessed in relation to the different international markets.


Channels can be defined but not limited to the followings:

- Groups

- Online Travel Agencies

- Wholesalers

- Business Travel 

- Direct contracts

- Conference and Events

- Walk in / Direct clients


Relations and partnerships also play a key role in reaching success and our team is able to support you in selecting those companies and decision makers that will most benefit your business.


Once again – building doors for your success is what we do ;-)


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